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Update 13-11-2016:   First 3 podiumplaces out of 18 Saluki males at CACIL coursing Ravels (B) !!!
Update 23-10-2016:   4 podiumplaces out of 16 Saluki males at CACIL coursing RONO-strand (NL) !!!
Update 25-09-2016:   1st until 5th place out of 19 Saluki males at Saluki Special (B) !!!
Update 25-09-2016:   Morsi is now International Coursing Champion !!!
Update 17-09-2016:   Medjay is Dutch Coursing Champion 2016 !!!
Update 13-06-2016:   Our beloved Fardin died today at the blessed age of 15,5 years
Update 12-06-2016:   Morsi runs new trackrecord in Rotterdam (NL) !!!
Update 14-05-2016:   Sammey again clubwinner and BIS at Azawakh specialty (D) !!!

Mithrandir (RED), Darayavanush (BLUE) & Mohdjaheri (BLACK)

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