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After our first dog, a lovely Doberman-Pincher named Youp, died (1989)
I said to my self: I'll never want a dog again, the hurt of loosing him was so bad,
I’ll never want to feel this hurt again. 

When a friend of mine called me up in 1990 , she was a breeder of Saluki’s at that moment (Pull-I- Khumri)
and ask me if I want to have a Saluki male for a while, my first answer was no.
Dhouran came back to her and she was searching for a good home.
Two seconds later I said yes. I knew Saluki’s for a long time but never had one at home.
It was a big red fringled, with the most wonderful eyes I've ever seen, he stole my heart,
and with his 4 years of age he started his show and coursing career.
He became the sire of the L-litter of the el Charnak kennels (1991).
We took a puppy of course, Laban (Omar), so we had two Saluki’s at our apartment on the fourth floor. 

At that moment we were addicted to the breed, we moved to a house
with a little garden and take a third one, also from the el Charnak kennels, Muhtar (1994).
Unfortunately he died very young.
Its the saddest thing that can happen to you.
In the mean time the breeder from the of Kimberlyhouse kennels came to us
and ask if we want to take a puppy from her H-litter.
She wants her puppies to go to people who does  shows and sports.
So Hamid came into our lives (1996) and we never regretted.
He became the sire of the E-litter of the el Ghafiri kennels (2001).  

In the mean time Nohbahdoush el Charnak (Bob) enriched our family (1997).
Then there were four Saluki’s, and we moved  to a house with a bigger garden.
At that moment the breeder from the el Ghafiri kennels sent us some picture from the D-litter.
There was a lovely little sand coloured boy on it, named Delhas el Ghafiri (Emir), he also came to us (1998).
He became the sire of the V-Litter of the N'Agzir kennels (2004) and also
the sire from the A-Litter of the Non-Serviam kennels (2008).
We also took an old male from the rescue at 10 years of age named Magada’s Kamran (Keet).
During this all I visit the Canapus kennels for an interview for our club magazine,
and went home with a puppy (1999), named Canapus Poseidon Primae Noctis (Frodo).
Even that time we were on a show in Luxembourg, and there he was a beautiful strong build young Saluki boy
Pari-Was Faris Fardin (Fardin), from the Pari–Was kennels. He also joined our family (2000).

We took from the E-Litter of the el Ghafiri kennels, Ejaddimimoun (Mimoun),
He became the sire from the D-Litter of the Min- Al-Asife kennels (2004), the L-Litter
from the of Kimberlyhouse kennels (2006) and the B-Litter of the Bruinbrand kennels (2009). 

Two puppies came together to our home Vay-Elijah N’Agzir (Smeagal) and
Dandjibban (Djibban) Min-Al-Asife. Those two had lots of energy,
I’ve never seen such wild ones, especially the red hot chilli pepper.
Our home and garden became again to small so we decided to move to a house
with more space for our loved ones. Ligolash (Ligo) was our choice from the
of Kimberlyhouse L-Litter, he became the sire of the I-Litter of the Min-Al-Asife kennel (2009)
and the sire of the C-Litter of the van de Bruinbrand kennels (2011).
From Finland came Abdelhaziz (Gimli) by airplane, with his lovely face he is tempting everyone.
He became the sire of the A-Litter of the Tizpa kennels (2010)
and the sire of the D-Litter of the van de Bruinbrand kennels (2011)
And again two puppies came together, 
Buhmibol  van de Bruinbrand
(Bilbo) and Idad–Hamid Min-Al-Asife (Gonzo),
those two were luckily not that wild as the two ones before.   

Trough the years I became interested into another breed, the Azawakh.
To my opinion the most wonderful sighthound in the world. And when I saw Swala“s Simba,
it was certain to me: I want an Azawakh. It must be a son of Simba“s. So I went to
Great Brittain (2009) and picked up Worgeordie Esamir Na“Ema (Sam). What a lovely boy he is. 

The most cheerful and happy one is Tizpa Porgouhar Isfandiar (Borat)
he is a descendant from the family with lots of spirit.

For now the 2 youngest at our home are Carambah van de Bruinbrand (Geer) and Darayavanush van de Bruinbrand (Goor)

Henriėtte van Bodengraven

                        ECC 2016 Slovakia